This is a reflection of a common, uncohesive state of mind that can be seen in milder form in large shops or public places, or as 'road rage'.



In the Final Minutes

Experimental piece, black humour serenade

The deadness echoes around me. Stopped... or not quite

Waves lap and a gentle breeze clears the air

My message... Through bloody eyes I see that's alright. 


I step over and through, carnage. A sickening sight...

I'd been here... seen it all somewhere

These last happenings. Yes real, but I was barely aware

Here and yes, in control. A robot. A beast in its lair.

I hear the airport PA system, I remember. The delayed flight.

There are street sounds, and street light after street light

No welcoming darkness, the stretch of water glows bright

I sit down and guide the boat from the pilot's chair

See the victims, I'm in wonder and despair

My misled purpose had led me beyond care

Flashes, visions... Futility against terrible might

Fatal blows, and worse. And one had died of fright

Some exotic place I'd hoped to briefly share

Why..? Then I'd lost track of time in this snare

When I'd woke, my message, I'd only minutes to spare...

You, I say to them, repelled me like some parasite

You wouldn't listen to me and my fateful plight

I stop alongside a dark jetty and alight

Tonight I'd been given the greatest scare

It stopped time, and brought the unbearable to bear

The impossible task had become a simple dare.

I set off through the city, balancing, upright


Flashing lights warn of another terrible fight

Below, through the Earth, it's midday with the sun's glare

I show a faint smile. I'd sent my message at midnight. 


The word 'selfish' pertains to the individual and is sometimes used to mock in consolation. Is it part of misunderstood atheism? People are naturally intelligent and happily work in teams and abide by rules, for long term happiness. This is referred to as 'selfish' still, but does contradict the idea.


I think it really proves that the word itself does not apply to human nature, and the keenness for applying it should be kept separate, because that is separate. The concept of me-and-only-me, or us-and-only-us, applies to consumerism, something people happily avoid. Oh yes, and it applies to wars.