Art produced during a period in the years leading up to mid 2017.

Rotting Yellows
The Burier of Life

Not so different, a common piece...
For those who call it a game.
Adding malign, shine, support and grease
Living and dying disgracefully were his aim.

He saw the warp, the direction, and the satisfaction
Doom, or favours. An outpost for the depraved.
He saw they were only some lot's reaction
But felt so alive when among the enslaved.

He pointed downhill, and underground from there
A den of lies. Where lots would lie and fester
Another place, palace they could never share
More corruption on offer, from the new molester

"We'll see what you got, and your price
Buyers, routes, general pox. Lots to discuss.
Catalogue you and your merchandise,
Maybe. Or become another one of us."

"Further our Order - we have more weight
Break and make links, be a humble node
Others getting a grip... wipe out and reinstate
Betray your own kind in protecting The Code"

He was always at home with those ready to derail
And with those living in UK Flaws dot com
Any with the darkest, criminal or guilty tale
Not a qualm. Its the life, where he was from...

"I'm 'like-that' with Ultra-devils, every one...
Tips with the club or knife, or garotting cord
Some little-known footings to depart on
Accounts and Last Gasps! an exotic reward"

"One moment please!" … he inflated with a hiss
Clipping to a chair, he was off to a tee
Painting over creases, a face of smug bliss
"Now who's to say this wasn't to be?"

"I shove around my cartoon face
At work and over beers
There's never enough naivety for my ace!
And I've been faking accounts for years!"

"I have to lead some onto hot coals
You know... personal. Please, call it the mind!
But there's one here... no standard controls...
And here too, he leaves the rest behind..."

"He's to go. - 'personal', yep, business and other
You know our usual ways. Here they're all cool.
What he's turned up we need to smother
He never spent a single day at our school"

"I know! But our mutual pals set him up proper
All their brains and skills to shift the blame!
Done. Erased. Not one visit from a copper!
'The Treachers' should be our name!"

"You've gotta cheat with him. He toes the 'real' line.
By the 'real' book, that's always on show.
Though he doesn't want your place, or mine,
- Pox is Life. Otherwise we'd all have to go."

"There's still some to immerse. More little fish.
Some tricks I have, work like hypnosis"
"Yeah we know! We're taught to fool the English!!!
That stuff's a piece of piss."

With leprous alter-egos all the rage
Slowing, wasting and never looking back,
The 'do-gooders' - opposites, on screen and stage
Illusion sold. Acting heroes don't take the slack.

They really had the world beat
Dead-end way, of the Scum of the Earth...
'Who-knows-who, and who they cheat,
No matter what any are really worth.'

They aimed worse and worse, beyond all belief
Burying their optimism far from sight
The trail they left, was to wade through grief
More and more rot, in our world they'd blight.

"Shake hands and recite this pact...
We're above any rules, above the law.
And on any person we choose, we'll act...
On them we'll wage sickening war."

But it didn't go anything like their plan
Only that the victim didn't stay
- Rewired, re-used... half bug, half man...
To temp bigger kids and crooks at play.

His boss took all credit, with no good word
To the victim, who'd voiced many a clue
Denying him, but recording everything he'd heard
Crooked as can be, and favours to all his crew.

The Burier of Life expired in jail
But the sentence didn't make him sick
This scene turned out to be his holy grail
Every day here, spinning tales to The Thick.

(And to the brats who were caught.)
- The first taste of trouble they'd ever had.
Locked together, deserving no further thought,
I hope they drove each other mad.

This has been written with more care than was deserved.
It was to be called "Need some more nails?" 
and then "Rotten Blues"