Rotting Yellows - The Fox Hunters

Ageism, sexism, racism, anti-positive...

FI1 Wo! at last... Hey! Would you like to borrow a fox?

It can't run fast, ha! It won't give much fight!

All ready to chase, you say where, we'll open the box

And don't worry about the dogs taking the odd bite!

FR Who's got the camera, I guess you're recording for TV...

No! Where have you escaped from, which loony bin?

Who is he, what's he done? Stand back, let me see...

He's real and alive, and look at the state he's in...

FI1 If you want to call it a person. Do. It's a fox though.

£1000 for the chase and left able to walk

Kill it, you pay for a new one and £5000 a go

Break his arms, that's OK. And to now, he can't talk

FR Have you used him before, for a hunt?

Or is he pre-damaged to keep him quiet?

I'm not convinced it's not a charity stunt

Yes I am. Is he on a hallucinogenic diet?

FI1 How can you stop the dogs? We need to be clear

Can that horn make them all heel?

The price is only that if we've nowt to fear

Otherwise we're going back on the deal

Not that we shook on it firmly, or anything

Yunno, I can't tell that handshake from Adam!

FR You've got no deal, whatever Ill tidings you bring

You need to take a look through yourself, Madam

How do you think you can do this?

All it takes is one cop car to drive past

And is he 'someone no one will miss'?

Britain does not allow a human hunted caste

FI1 All I see is a fox. And a bored hunt. No hogwash

Take it or leave it. It's your loss, at end of the day

Spice things up a bit... Get some extra dosh!

Have a 'dark side' hunt, put the sodding rules away!

FR And about your brat here, we've had the displeasure...

Sadly. Invites himself, itself, where he has no place

Damage and wastage, and worry for bad measure

Thinks it's paid with a Stan Laurel or a Santa Claus face

I don't know why or even how, he's there at all

I don't know who he bluffs when he arrives

Self-employed clown, self-invited at the hall

He's on the very last if his overdue, borrowed lives

FI1 Half price for the fox - so we'll cover the cost

FR What? It comes to four times that amount!

It's your brat we'll hunt, or you can get lost!

And pay all... minus a slice for a fair discount

FI1 No. Despite looks he's sensitive and real

Forget the fox, I can see you're mistaken

We'll sort it without. If this is how you feel

And your strange morals... we're unshaken

FR Our morals? Those aren't from any sadistic tale

Not ours. And you aren't going to hear otherwise

For your 'goods'. If it's a joke it's now badly stale

And you'd better set him free before he dies

What it is with you, what your problem is, really

Is that your sort can't hurt your kids enough

You're not allowed, are you. And need them, dearly

- to fall short. If they do or they don't, you get rough

So you hurt this guy instead, never get your fill

Never get to steal enough, never enough to cheat

Face it madam, you're among the most seriously ill

Badly perverted mess. You think you have the world beat

There is a way out for you. Fulfill your dreams

Make dolls of your kids, rigged with sound

To play back their crying and screams

Have your way every night. You and your hound

When you feel stupid, when your cracks start to show

Stop and look at your horrible selves, truly

You're child batterers, each of you, you know?

Not clued up, gritty, shitty, and learned unruly

FI1 That's a bit heavy. No need for those words

If we all do a bit, our bit, add a bit of spice

And what else is there, you can do with nerds?

And that age group... Is for stomping on like mice

FI2 Me, I don't do 'owt like that. I only supply foxes

FR Nothing else? Yet you let this abomination continue?

Lead them blindfolded into their boxes

You and the rest, not a decent fibre in you

If asked, I guess you'd say at most it's a joke

But you clearly think of him as bewitched

You've pinned all your rubbish to this bloke

I bet, your cuts and doings are all safely stitched

FI2 That generation, you should know, is going

It's to sacrifice. Something has to make way

They're weird an-all. Know what isn't for knowing

We're better off, all of us, if we just put them away

FR Sounds ghastly, and is. A wimp world - you'll only make

I've finished with this, this waste of my time an-all

His chances, not yours, are what the world will take

We've seen you, and your mental shift. Now it's our call

You've put your 'fox' in a box...

A-hunting we will go... like the song

But you're going to end up in the stocks

And your partners in crime will all suffer along


N Now the silly story could not be undone

Would they get the same, behind cell doors?

Is the village stocks where justice would be done?

Or more honourably - the hunting pack's jaws?


This R.Y. verse is the three hundred and second.

Some never respect, they try for the highest debt

Each in question, have not got what they reckoned

Instead, the bite they've got they'll never forget.