Art produced during a period in the years leading up to mid 2017. 





Retired Babies, or Hostage Bondage-Snails

He comes home, proud of his day

The hours had passed with a minute of 'play'

Again, reality turns into a smug, cruel smile

That feels like the deadly jaws of a crocodile

He greets the family, head held high

Ready as a friend and ready to try

Faces the wife, but room for bodies under his belt

A balancing act, guessing on how she felt

Going further out on the limb

Each day on a bandwagon, a whim

But survival and sophistication are what he sees

Attacking the prey. By a book, in degrees

Schizophrenic compromise instead of muscle

"Home's for Happiness - Work's for Hustle"

Passionate only in this, he is and can look so small

He thinks…. most people have little life at all

She needs a blatant idiot right now. He complies

Easily. At one time this was only practice for lies

Now he looks up, every day feeling purer

Imagining a fascist overseer, a ghost Führer

The youngest is getting to grips with their scene

Learning this 'in-the-know' stuff as a young teen

Occasionally carrying out some prescribed act.

Simple warped logic holds them all to their pact

He feels dirty, feels real. And says he's defied gods

She holds her checklist, the sweets and cattle prods

The next two swear by their ways, here or there

Accepting whatever's put out, without any care

He checks the next steps, in the next day's plan

Mind away from his job as much as it can

In the few minutes that'll make him…. so real….

The victim's rope will tighten, each wind of the wheel

Better than last month. More than thrice the score

At Dark-Side Central he'll be Would-be-Paedo of War

Not back to Would-be-Paedo Dreamer.… on a shelf

- who "can only get someone to repeat themself!"

Important day ahead, with glances at the bullet lists

Pocket of Colonial Power! - assistance from racists

He wants to finish this way and with an Ultimate Goal

No amateur stuff…. send to a coffin, not to the dole

Nastermind's sure for himself and his kin

With that pinhole and distorted view of Darwin

The weakness-defending Generation Jones

And kin, want to be Generation Skull and Crossbones.