The Hubble Huddle


H - Who will find the first of the poetry

         As we reveal the greatest tapestry?

Y - Hey... Wow... Can I see?

H - No it's faulty. Mirror's got acne

Y - Why are all these... Why not me?

H - It's faulty! Unless you're an invitee

         And that means paying the privilege fee

         Or if you're a dictator of Scientology,

         That's your only way in for free

Y - You what... Only available to the Hubble Aristocracy?

         And to everyone else... d.e.a.d?

H - Yes. It has a strange changeability...

         Clear as can be, and then optical deformity

Y - Is there any chance of bribery, some backhandery?

H - Nope, if you want to make a discovery

         You have to pay dearly. Very

Y - Did they not learn from the moon landings fallacy?

         Chicanery. The only malignity is Capitalist machinery.