Of course it's back... what else could be demanded?

Rotting Yellows

The White Traitors' Meeting

"This bloke is off his rocker, for certain.

'New World Order' type, from that regime

We'll be disappearing behind a curtain,

If he gets his way... that's his sort of scheme.

You've lasted 'cos you toe that line

He's the latest, but one of a newer breed

And if YOU say it's bad! It's time to resign.

My ear's to the ground... it is guaranteed.

Here he is now, watch the amazing acting...

And I'm going to join you with some spirits."

"FT.... wow, you weren't overreacting!

I think we'd be better off in Auschwitz!"

Is he gone already? Hey! We need to talk!

Sober up FT. Things are not as planned...

Too quiet in here, we should go for a walk,

I'll put the jukebox on if you can't stand."

"I'll talk for him until he's alive again...

I know what the crack is there, and the latest..."

"Did you suspect... Turbo Racist men?

Of all the worries, that was the greatest.

I'll just give them the OK for today's...

A text every day... Be on the safe side.

They're deception. A dream, a sort of craze..

Confidence trickery, a damn well sleigh ride.

They begin polite, keeping it under wraps

And how things are, who would think twice?

Just when you think they're decent chaps...

A chain reaction... more fuel. A lethal device."

"Could have seen it coming. But no brief!

Turbo Racists... it just sounds like fiction.

That absence - on everything but mischief...

All the rules broken... like an addiction.

An inch is a mile to them. It really stings...

I helped them, you know, take a pop...

I wonder... if they were pulling the strings!

Some other trouble now, might never stop!"

"Thought I knew 'em too. Didn't think this sick!

Each Saturday - trying to get the place ransacked!

Like signposted... Thieves!! Take your pick!!

Hoping at night... yep... he'd be attacked."

Extremist brats... they are... apocalypto!

My pawns... terror urchins with voodoo pins!

At most they should elbow ribs, step on a toe...

Why not cover a bloody bin in banana skins!

Whites on the edge, they like to nudge.

Wrong age group, that's why he was chosen...

And 'cos he'd stamp on corrupts like a grudge.

Said he'd boil 'em in vomit... from frozen!"

"An't been robbed though, so let's chill out!

Calm down... we don't want it overheard.

See what ties the brats, and our lout...

And let's see what can be blamed on the nerd.

The locals played the biggest part

Clear as day, on video and photo...

Gonna have to be a bit smart...

Or someone we don't know, is gonna know.

He wants to sort 'em out. I reckon - enough

Finish 'em there, send 'em away.

They know and use some very nasty stuff...

Don't escalate. Keep that commotion at bay."

"Yeah, and we could end them without crime...

- Tell their crowd... we could literally end them...

Yes their bruvs... they'd give them no more time..."

"You bent...! Aye. To their maker we'd send 'em..."

"Nah. There are too many soft spots.

Ties. And they have more than one use.

Black market, evil eyes, renting bots

But need-to-know only. Our main one is abuse."

"Renting who else's bots... I daren't think.

Let's not go there unless we have to

But if they... this'd be the biggest stink

Something not you nor any boss can chew."

"Supposed to have led him, the nerd...

Into the dark, and lines of machine gun fire.

Now it's the nerd with the last word!

And us in the mire with the live wire.

Immunity. This is actually... gonna be fun.

I think we'll see some eyes poppin' out

New Order.... That can't be outdone!

There's this stupendous pig... and I'm its snout!"

"You came in here, in a bit of a state...

Now you're sure it's all under control

It's him, is it? Who's served up on a plate?

Better not be our side... proper own goal..."

"At plenty of places we've got this scene.

Not totally sure why, or all of the why

But we're more equipped, hands more clean

Swap more X, X2 for Blacks. Cleaner stats to supply.

And you know why you can't see the wages?

Another round to the rotten sneaks!

Who we want... make 'em wait for ages!

'Query it!' 'Sorry mate!' 'Another four weeks!'

All I can say, is who's safe and who isn't!

Worse than military! But not to everyone.

James Bond or... some great... is reminiscent

Yes! The the old boring world now is gone!"

"Is the boss as big as all that?

He'll have plenty to lose. I'll safely bet

You're on about mega... not just a fat cat

Joined a golf club too soon mate. S'feeling I get.

Your ambition gives off a vibe,

Keeps 'em quiet or trips them up

So many help, pass on the gibe...

This is all it is. Just to that, lift your cup.

How about gettin' rid of him?

When they see 'im, some get a shock...

He sees things, he in't that dim.

I don't want to be anywhere near the dock.

Here's the inventory... of games...

Who and when, how, results. Pretty clever!

This is the whole lot, progress and aims

See it rotates, so we could drag it on forever.

A few spies as well, and they're slinging mud

He's not cracked... 'hope he in't stronger...

In two months... we've not drawn blood.

His resistance is unreal. How much longer?"

"Yeah. And we don't wanna start afresh...

He's not subdued by this plan of attack,

So I've sent another to prep under his flesh

Just might turn up the needle in the haystack."

"I'm wrong age then... if he is... wha's this?

Am I abou' to get mobbed???

Or am I there so you can take the piss?

An' why the fuck... dint we get robbed?"

Are we little pawns... no I din't hear nowt!

Same as that nerd? You made it clear...

Keep a lid on your Hitler spout.

Now you've brought these funny buggers here..."

"Not murder is it... a heart attack or suicide?

Draggin' shit on and on, you don't matter a bit

On and on beating when his hands are tied

Local child-batterers? - 'You that sort o' shit?

Corrupt to a perverse level, that's what you are.

Drawing attention away from yourselves

Another 'biggest bunch o' gobs in a bar'

Low lives - like you've been put on shelves.

Yeah... Wake up now, Super Squirts!

Worldly pretence... think you've been in the wars

Baby tantrums... maverick crap... moral perverts!

And you cling to those brats... clinging to straws.

They consent to something no one believes

And only take. Because they're culturally dead.

They feel worthless because they're only thieves

And because India, is so many years ahead.

Displease, dis-ease... the lot for those mutants

Yeah... mutants! That's what they became.

And to think... foxes are used in hunts...

They can't even be honest with their name!

But have they got you in chains?

Why is it you can't feel the chill?

It's visible! flowing through your veins...

You're passing on their terrible ill.

I've seen 'em 'ere with their arrangement

A talker, a nuisance, a thug, and of course, a spy

And I've seen your victim as well. He's a gent.

Not a dreg like you. To you he's meat to fry.

"Funny Thugger! The Worst! It is to you.

Putting things, people... where I should...

Yeah, and dealing with the petty as we do....

Stopping them doing anything they would.

I think you've got a screw loose

It's the way things have to go!

He's technical... a slave! It is not abuse!

We kick 'em and they put on the show!

We know some of the... err... anti-whites

But we're cool with it all... we're OK.

We're not fazed by... you reckon parasites...

So get real... grow up and... 'have a good day'!"

"From the real world? Made of what material?

I doubt you're even alive... don't sound it.

You're from a dark, Halloween box of cereal

'The World', that with inverted commas round it.

Pissin' and passin' your time is all you're about...

The lot of you, kickin' him till he bites

'Cos he in't a crook, slob or fuckin' lout?

Petty lot... you shower of molestin' shytes"

"Purit this way. The sort that'd tidy... that!"

Can't do anything, if it in't by the book!

Woon't keep quiet... s'where he's at...

He's the pratt, he's the sick twisted fuck!"

"The House of Usher. Lads! This way is level!

Any more an' the pub's gonna die!

Get it tattooed on you... there isn't a devil

And the mob, for you, is just pie in the sky.

Step out of the picture for a while.

Do something right, take the right road

And look back after every mile

Piece together the honest man's code."

"They can't. These are sworn shirkers

Still 'just left school'. Can't comprehend.

To them it's all... manipulators, and workers...

Deluded idiots they'll be to their end.

The System's chewed you to a pulp

And said you've an ill-gotten promotion!

Sadly, it didn't finish you with a retching gulp...

Just spat you gutless into its awful potion.

Think you can bring us your rot...

Come to our place and soil it?

You'll get it, not him. No one'll care a jot.

Get lost from here. Get yourselves down a toilet.

And that shower'll destroy you, more.

You'll turn against your kids, and your wives

What they bring in through the back door,

- Is to turn you against your own lives."

Howzatt!! 51 verses and no choruses!