Goddess and Beyond

I search. And again and again 'till I'm dizzy

She isn't there, none of the places I can see

Dangled like bait in front of me,

And others, and oh no... in front of everyone

Then hidden away. The treasure is gone

Maybe it would be a blasphemy

The distractions, the blurring, I take away

And there... her glory is like a sunny day

About her, delights, madness and fray

- All disappear, tuned out like background noise

Her essence, purity - the maker alloys

The director, choreographer of an unforgettable play

I play her again and again. Only the Goddess.

I picture her, in a beautiful or in a ragged dress

On a pedestal, in glass case. Her pureness,

Pure like a pattern in a broken stick of rock

She's exposed in a terrible scene, run amok

Almost virginal. I know my fantasy is senseless

The Far East was at the centre of the show

She shone bright. But now a diminished glow

Real, mysterious. And for me, so long ago

Imagination fuelled without hearing her speak

Now each vision, my fantasy is growing weak

I revive, re-orientate from their crushing blow

Such greatness, and at times so bad

- Her people, among the best the world's had

Now the forced intricate growth, has them to add

The greatness they reached could have ruled all

But they were apt. Any overpowering rule should fall

Inspiring still, in a world that makes and harnesses the mad

Now, I'm long ago and disappearing in the night

Yet roused with an old feeling of delight...

A girl. Solid as a rock and a familiar sight...

A recollection, I search my memories, dreams

The Goddess I still love, not far away it seems...

- I want to believe. I'm moved, I'm compelled to write.