Awful Poem 1

Disguised, pretending to warn

Alone, sure, swift - an Awful Poem is born...

Awful Poem 2

This Awful Poem of mine

Has an infuriating last line…

Awful Poem 3

Another. Can we expect better with this one?

I doubt it, it’ll be a con...

Awful Poem 4

More ‘Awfulness’, what will it be about?


Awful Poem 5

This is weird

Just what was feared…

Awful Poem 6

These Awful Poems are starting to breed like germs

They’re making people fidget as if they have worms…

Awful Poem 7

When these are read out

They have more clout…

Awful Poem 8

The Awful Poetry is going to be put to rest

I think that is best…

Awful Poem 9

The Awful Poetry has had eight lives

No one knows how it survives...

Awful Poem 10

Look! Here's one! An escapee..!

Quick... get it with the Delete key!