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CG Systems and Gadgets is a creation of useful and fun items. Some are for sale, some are free programs, some are for interest. The main purpose of these has been to attract employment.

Hardware and software items are shown in their relevant sections. Demonstration software and video clip links are included for some. Clicking a page may reveal other pages on the menu list, if nothing appears to happen scroll down.


For the Radio Controlled Rover (MkII) see the 2nd last tab on the right. For the 1st version which is sound only, see the tab in the 'other hardware' tab. Videos are linked from there.



The items for sale have shop details on their pages. Please read the Terms and Conditions list before buying. If you would like to comment or ask a question please use the contact page.


Videos are shown on YouTube,  username  fkjhdsr7gik




Resistance Calculator 

Free program, see the 'free programs' tab. Calculates values for electrical resistance in five configurations, with custom settings and using only E24 values. Tolerance is adjustable. Allows the user to create a list and print this or the whole window.

YouTube video 



Audio Player/Timer 

YouTube video      See 'Other Hardware' tab

Speaks to user in PC generated or real voice, times to 12 hours 45 minutes in 15 minute steps, plays up to 9999 audio tracks, pauses and recommences audio if alarm sounds, has nine alarms, user-created/selected. This is going in for a beauty competition.



 High-Tech Ear Rings

Picture shows one side only. 

PC programmable. 4 light sequences, each with own speed. 4 brightness levels. The Sequencer program has a library of data now, and can be used without the Ear Rings.

Demo   Earlier demo with subtitles   On test rig   In dark

medallion version video      See 'Other Hardware' tab

Sequencer program download



Sweet-Talk Suite

Versatile speech for subtitle-speaking and dialogues (up to 99 selectable), such as rhymes and video presentations, 'ringtones' and even songs. The Arnos (other hardware tab) make use of this program, first videos use the first version. The picture below shows the Subtitles screen. Nineteen voices, and in Comments/Dialogue mode the individual text lines can have their own voice pitch. More details shown on the Arnos page.

See 'Free Programs - Sweet-Talk Suite' tab      

See 'Other Hardware' tab for The Arnos

PC-only version of the Sweet-Talk Suite

Instructions for the program

Demo, using The Arnos 

Demo of speaking subtitles in various voices 




Melodies Module

Add to microcontroller or microprocessor circuit, or use the simpler version to create a simple but sophisticated musical device, like a musical jewelery box. Up to 8 melodies with a 224 note/gap array. Each note/gap has own duration (they are time multiples of 2) and is a full octave plus one. Wavetables are selectable and even draw-able. Preview note/melody/wavetable while connected to PC. Put the starts/stops anywhere in the array. Copy/cut and paste for speedy composing. Has collections of melodies, change to a previous collection and waves quickly.

demo   creating/previewing   wavetables  

prototype model, extensive demo  

a doorbell application      See 'Other Hardware' tab




Inspector Goggles

Radio-controlled 0x, 5x, 10x glasses.Transmitter has plug-in guitar pedal for the 3 positions of the lenses. Manual control, auto-brightness, each position of each side is adjustable. Fans operate in mag modes, adjustable speed.

demo 1   demo 2      See 'Other Hardware' tab




ASM Files Generator

Write template programs for the first four ranges of the PIC Microcontroller, very quickly. Templates are customise-able by the user. Add chips. Creates *.asm files, datasheet, pictures and a config file for reference, all in the project folder. Very handy. Free and full version available. Can launch edit suite such as MPLAB.

Demo      See own tab on right of screen 




Configurations Program for 16bit PIC Microcontrollers 

Basic, PLL, Clock Switching and Pin/Peripheral Mapping. Add chips to those supplied. Outputs to rich text box and text file.

1st demo had a space missing on two lines in the file 'RP Outputs' in each folder such as: "17 RPOR8bits.RP17R =; TRISCbits.TRISC1 = 0;" and should have been "17 RPOR8bits.RP17R = ; TRISCbits.TRISC1 = 0;" This prevented correct pin allocation there.

YouTube video (original version without clock switching) 

See own tab on right of screen                 Demo version



Radio-Controlled Trap for Animal Welfare Organisations

Remote control of audio, movement and visuals. Audio files are custom, *.wav types at 44.1KHz, stereo 16 bit. See tab on right. Video shows trap itself.

YouTube video 




Replica Battle Royale Collar TX and RX Circuitry

Circuit for a collar and a boxed infra-red transmitter. Realistic audio/visual effects. Operate by RC or switch on back of board. 1 or 2 CR2032 cells. 1 or 2 piezo speakers selectable, setting saves to NV RAM. Indoor transmission range is possibly 15 metres, outdoor is less.

activating a circuit via IR   selecting 1 or 2 speakers  

operating with 1 cell

a home-made collar, stainless steel coated  

heavy duty foil coated home made collar 

See own tab on right of screen




Caster Angle Calculator for Independent Steering

on Model Cars

Generates look-up table for positioning of each steering wheel by servos. Output is *.txt format which can be imported straight into MPLAB. 1 memory bank needed, address is inner wheel servo value and data is outer wheel servo value. Info/instructions page can be printed. Also on the Free Programs tab.

Caster Angle download 



UV exposure unit timer

Made to control a mains unit very quickly, having 3 adjustable warming times and 3 adjustable exposing times. Also allows manual control, with timing. Total duration is displayed throughout a session.

demo of choosing a program and using      See 'Other Hardware' tab




Multi In-Out USB board

Analogue and digital input and output for PC control and monitoring. On PC, the user can control via an MS Excel sheet, partly formatted already, or via a partly-made VB6 program. An interface program communicates with either of these. Small compared to other boards on the market and many different input and output types. A 0.1" components version is available for building into a 0.1" circuit.

demo      See 'Other Hardware' tab




Automatic Microscope Stage

Controlled by PC program or console. Takes rounds of photos by itself, according to the interval set and views that are highlighted. Each view has 10 positions, unique, and RGB colour illumination. Load an old slide and select on PC - all the settings for that are loaded back in. Photos have masking to save printer ink, unique to the slide. Videos have subtitling. Melodies module integrated for programmable tones/warbles etc.

Video from early this year      See 'Other Hardware' tab



Visitor and Contractor Pass System

Create easily identifiable photo passes for Visitors, Contractors, The Lost, The Forgotten and Other. Unique colour, font and size, host's logo. Search all, specific day, current. Type, and records list narrows to match your typed text. Printer and paper size options, folding passes, host's rules. View those currently signed in, those on specific day or those with alerts set up. Load from Photos screen. Delete months or individual records. Fast to use.

video demo      See own tab on right of screen



Sexy Spice Shelving System, Seven Sided - Septagonal 

YouTube video      Also on the 'other hardware' tab 




In-Car video system

Made to fit into an ash tray compartment. System run by laptop program, controlled and fed back to console. Very driver-friendly, with spoken, visual and other audio feedback. Picture shows pan-tilt camera but only panning was used. videos, photos, sequential photos. Auto-saving, variable photo rate, standard Windows camera controls.

demo with system removed and mounted onto a board     

See 'Other Hardware' tab




Dual servo driver

Either serial or analogue control of 2 servos. Control method is independent. Preset resistors on board for testing and tuning. 6V 0.5A output. 9V supply.

changing to serial and testing      See own tab on right of screen




GPS Recorder 

Hardware records up to 99 tracks to micro-SD card. PC Software sorts the records and user can display times of the recordings on maps, aerial photos or even sketches, showing GPS data for each second that was recorded. Valid days within overall time selection are shown, and then valid hours for a selected day. Scroll bar to select the seconds within that hour. Auto-view between 1 sec/sec (precisely) and 1 min/hour. Circle on map, compass graphic, speed and height graphs, and data list for the selected second. Speed and height graphs calibrate to maximum within the selected hour. Map can be moved and zoomed even while advancing through the data. Low-voltage detection with file close and alert. PC program auto-deletes test and empty files. Picture below shows a Skylab SKM53 module connected (with a jumper removed, the wires from the terminal block connect to an RF Solutions GPS-320 module). In this photo the device is mounted into a waterproof container.

video, in-use and description      See 'Other Hardware' tab



Laptop GPS mapping

Use maps, photos or sketches, see the circle on the map move according to your position. Uses a USB GPS module. This will be replaced by the GPS Recorder program if used in a GPS Battle Royale system. The GPS Recorder mapping facility is better than this one.

setting up a map   driving, moving dot      See 'Free Programs' tab




Mood Light

3 versions of this: board with RGB leds and batteries, board with outputs, board with amplified outputs. The unit modulates 18 PWM outputs for use with leds, or higher curent components with the amplified board. 14 patterns and within each the RGB leds are at 24-bit resolution. Auto mode, sequencing from one pattern to the next, and sleep mode where the unit goes into low power after the delay. The delay in either of the auto modes is around 15 seconds to one hour.

switching on and browsing user-patterns   adjusting a pattern

setting for sleep mode       See 'Other Hardware' tab




Melody Timer

Page to be added for this. Timer for 1 to 10 hours, plays a few bars from Tchaikovski's 1812 Overture when timed. Demo play also. Ongoing development, at the moment can play notes from 2 octaves. A second melody may be added, selectable.

demo      See 'Other Hardware' tab




Remote Video Operator

Is placed in room with a video recorder or cinema system. 2 modes: continual record-rewind-record etc with selectable times for those; triggered by radio transmitter to record for 1-9 minutes, then stop. Learns signals from VCR handset. Transmitter wires to pressure mats, window switches, burglar alarm etc.

demo      See 'Other Hardware' tab




Structural Temperatures

Create wall or ceiling (or even sandwich) compositions from the library of materials or create your own materials. Scaled drawing automatically draws, printable. Free program. Spoken tour when used with Microsoft programs installed (MSTTSL, SPCHAPI).

Youtube video of the spoken tour      See 'Free Programs' tab




Subtitles Creator

Load a video, position and insert your text. Delete or modify. Fine control over positioning. Adds subtitles to preview window. *.srt subtitles.

demo      See 'Free Programs' tab



Planner, 4 week

See 'Free Programs' tab 

Wall planner program, set date at anything up to 350 days before or after the current date with a scroll bar. Highlights the weekdays in red and weekends in black. Prints to default printer.

download planner



Fast Pictures and Videos

Using a USB camera or capture source take photos quickly or automatically, and videos. Good for creating lots of photos for online auctions etc. Standard camera and audio controls. Photo rate is 10 per second maximum to 1 photo per 10 minutes (cloud photography?). Name all videos and photos with same prefix. Creates subfolders for pics and vids when opened. Not for later versions of Windows.

See 'Free Programs' tab    



The Scoff Trap (mechanism)

Electronic switching for an animal trap (this is not available to any member of the public). Replaces mechanical sensing, is fast and energy efficient.


Video demo      See 'Other Hardware' tab



Video Stills Positioning

For earlier versions of Windows 

Place program in same folder as video files (avi, mpg, mpeg), use the program to more accurately position the video for grabbing screen snips than when pausing standard media players. Because the video window is large the resolution of your screen snips is good, whereas when using video editing software, the preview panes are usually small. The program needs Windows Snipping Tool (C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe), or alternatively you can create your snips with the standard PrintScreen command on PC keyboards.

Fine control does not always adjust due to frame number - time differences. Coarse control is more useful when this happens.

Free Download      



The Arnos

Meccano android, nineteen versatile voices operated by the Sweet-Talk Suite. Moving mouth (controlled by speech) and neck.

See 'Other Hardware' tab      

Also see 'Free Programs - Sweet-Talk Suite' tab 

see the Youtube videos for the most recent creations (fkjhdsr7gik)

The next five videos have been made with the original program, which is similar to the Sweet-Talk Suite and has most of the functionality. The speaking and mouth movements were done more slowly.

A gadget advertised by some of the Arnos 

More gadgets advertised 

Enacted clip from 'Mostly Harmless' by Douglas Adams, slightly altered text 

An Arno speaking Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 

Arnos speaking subtitles      subs speaking, on and off-screen titles




Tinning Mix Proportions Calculator

Quick and custom calcs for tin plating mix. On the Free Programs page. 3 numbers in text file to change, for using own ratios.

Mix Proportions download     See 'Free Programs' tab